What happens after submitting book request?

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hi friend, I need a book for reading and I have already submitted a book request to get the book (if in case someone already wanted to donate) . So, what will happen next ?



  • a bit of waiting time is needed and whenever any book donator sees that he / she has the books which you have asked for then they will contact you, and then you can communicate further to them, to get the books you have requested for.

    • To get your books FASTER, Search directly in the website if in case someone has already put such books for donation then you can get it by contacting the donator.
    • To speed up your request fulfilment, you can also share your book request Ad over social media e.g., Facebook, Twitter etc.

    As you know this is the link for "New book request" https://donate-books.org/post-request-for-book.php

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